Your pet’s heart is one of their most important organs and it is imperative it gets taken care of. Our team is here to offer you support through your pet’s diagnosis and to provide the treatment they need. We may treat your pet’s heart condition with specialized diets, surgery (to insert a pacemaker or repair heart valves) or various types of medication. To learn more about our cardiology services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 519-763-1082.

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How will I know if my pet has a heart condition?

Spotting the signs of heart disease in your pet can be the deciding factor in how severe the disease gets. You should have your veterinarian examine your pet immediately if you notice any of the following:

  1. Difficulty breathing
  2. Dry cough
  3. Tiredness
  4. Weight loss
  5. Fainting and dizziness

What causes my pet to have heart problems?

Genetics can play a big role in whether your pet has a healthy heart. For some pets, cardiological problems cannot be prevented as they are born with them. On the other hand, some pets can develop heart disease due to certain preventable medical conditions such as heartworm disease, injuries and incorrect diet/weight. 

How is heart disease diagnosed in pets?

To accurately diagnose heart disease our team will perform a series of tests. The first step is to listen to your pet’s heartbeat with a stethoscope for any extra noises like swishing as that indicates they have a murmur. To gather more information, our doctors will perform bloodwork, X-rays and ultrasounds to further examine the heart. Based on the diagnosis, our veterinarians will determine which treatment plan can improve their condition.

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