Nutrition Counselling

Your pet’s diet is quite different from ours. Trying to figure out the dietary needs of your pet on your own can be overwhelming. Having a veterinarian examine their diet can lead you in the right direction on which foods are good for your pet. With the right nutrition your pet develops properly and gets enough nourishment to help them fight off illnesses.

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What is nutrition counselling?

Nutrition counselling focuses on your pet’s diet and how it benefits them. We look into what your pet eats, how much and how often they do so. During nutritional consultations we recommend special foods to include in your pet’s diet and advise you on the foods that should be reduced or removed. The goal of these sessions is to ensure your furry friend is eating nutritious foods in the right amount to maintain a healthy body weight. To learn which foods are best for your pet, call us at 519-763-1082.

Why is nutrition counselling important?

Good nutrition can keep your pet healthy and extend their life. They are beneficial to overweight or obese pets as our veterinarians create a diet to safely help them get to a healthy weight. The same goes for underweight pets. Counselling may also be recommended if your pet has a nutrient deficiency which can show up in their bloodwork. With dietary consultations pet parents are provided with techniques and nutritious food to get their pet on a healthy eating routine.

What foods should I give my puppy/kitten?

Your pet’s age determines what types of foods they need. Puppies and kittens need extra nourishment for their development. We recommend shopping for foods with labels that indicate they were made for your pet’s age. Some breeds may require specific diets so our team will recommend foods to support their growth. The same goes for senior pets; they need special foods too! As their bodies slow down they become prone to developing diseases and a special diet can reduce the effects of the illness. 

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