Surgical Services

Cornell Animal Hospital has an updated surgical suite to provide routine procedures. Our team has proper training and years of expertise to safely perform various procedures on your pet. We always prioritize your pet’s comfort and safety before, during and after surgery. When your furry friend has surgery scheduled with us, we can guarantee that they receive compassionate and dedicated care.

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How is my pet prepared for surgery?

Surgery can pose major risks for pets so our team follows strict anesthetic protocols. To eliminate any complications we perform pre-anesthetic blood tests and run other diagnostic tests. By analyzing their bloodwork, we can determine how much anesthesia is safe to use for the procedure. We also perform X-rays and ultrasounds to assess the kidney and liver as they metabolize the drug. These tests also reveal any underlying issues that can cause problems during the operation. 

The day of the procedure all foods need to be withheld for 6-8 hours. Your pet should be well rested and hydrated. During each procedure a registered veterinary technician works alongside the veterinarian. We use modern technology to monitor their vital signs as their safety is paramount.

What surgeries are performed at your hospital?

Our hospital is equipped to perform a variety of surgeries. For specialty procedures such as cruciate repairs, we refer patients to a board-certified surgeon. Our highly trained veterinarians are able to perform routine and emergency procedures:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Skin lacerations/wound repair
  • Skin tumour removals
  • Dental surgeries
  • Foreign object removals
  • Bladder stone removal

How is my pet supported through recovery?

After we have completed your pet’s procedure we monitor them until the anesthesia wears off. Once your pet is able to stand on their own we send them home for recovery with medications and instructions. We prescribe pain medication to be administered at certain times throughout the day. Depending on the operation that your pet had we may have special instructions for the first few days post-op. We usually schedule follow-up appointments after surgery to ensure your loyal companion is healing properly. We may also recommend therapy sessions such as laser to speed up the recovery process. To discuss your pet’s recovery, please reach out to us at 519-763-1082.

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