When your pet’s skin starts to flare up, it’s important to have a veterinarian examine the issue. Dermatological issues may seem to come out of nowhere. The truth is your pet may be constantly exposed to irritants in their environment or have a medical condition that causes a dermatological flare up. Cornell Animal Hospital offers dermatological services which includes taking care of their nails and paws. Our team can promptly diagnose and treat any skin problems your pet has.

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What are signs of skin issues in my pet?

Pets should be examined by a veterinarian when they are losing fur, scratching/itching constantly, have bald patches, sores, bumps and lumps on their skin. These are all signs something is amiss with them and our team can get to the bottom of it. If you’ve noticed any of these signs on your pet, reach out to us at 519-763-1082.

What skin issues do pets suffer from?

When your pet is showing signs of skin issues they may have:

  1. Alopecia
  2. Acne
  3. Dandruff
  4. Yeast infection
  5. Allergic reaction
  6. Parasitic infections

How are skin problems treated in pets?

Treatment for your pet’s dermatological issue depends on their diagnosis. We first examine your pet and perform bloodwork then choose a treatment that gives the best results. We may recommend changing their diet (if they have a food allergy), topical creams, oral medication, laser therapy or lifestyle changes.

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