Thalia Balon

Veterinary Technician

Hi! My name is Thalia and I am a recent graduate of the veterinary technician program at Sheridan College in Brampton.  I have been an animal lover my entire life and spent my first working years as a young adult in the horse arena both supporting the clients at Sunrise Therapeutic Riding Center as well as other horse barns around the Waterloo region. Around the beginning of the pandemic, I was ready to shift my career onto a more long-term path and went to school first for medical office administration in 2020 and then was accepted to the veterinary technician program in September 2021. Through the technician program I found the perfect fit for me! I so look forward to supporting all my new patients and clients at Cornell. In my spare time, I love hanging out with my three cats, Gloria, Leo (pictured), and Meesha and senior lab Violet. I also enjoy watching the latest show is streaming and being outside in nature.