At Cornell Animal Hospital we are all about giving your pet the best treatment to improve their condition. In some situations we are unable to give your pet the expert care they need, which is why we refer them to specialty clinics or specialists. To learn more about our vet referral program we encourage you to call us at 519-763-1082.

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Why are referrals necessary?

Referrals are necessary because they give pet parents the opportunity to discuss and learn about their pet’s illness with a trusted expert. These doctors have advanced and in depth knowledge that can help your pet. Referred veterinarians often exclusively study and cater to animals diagnosed with your pet’s condition. Our team is always building on their knowledge and techniques but it’s impossible to know everything and that’s why we refer pets to specialists from time to time. 

What can I expect at a referred clinic?

When you are referred to a specialist, rest assured that your pet will be given the same quality treatment they usually receive from us. For your appointment at a referred veterinary office you only need to show up with your pet as our team sends all of the required documents. The surgeon will assess your pet’s condition and decide how to treat their illness. When we refer your pet to another clinic we stay in contact with the specialist to find out how diagnosis and treatment are going.

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