Saying your final goodbye to your pet will be a tough decision to make. Our veterinary care team sympathizes with you as you consider end-of-life care for your loyal companion. We offer euthanasia to pets when all attempts to treat their debilitating condition have been unsuccessful. Euthanasia is a pain-free and peaceful way for your pet to pass away. To discuss your pet’s options with a veterinarian please contact us at 519-763-1082.

When do I know if my pet should be euthanized?

The discussion about euthanasia is brought up by a veterinarian when your pet has a terminal illness or chronic pain no longer responsive to treatment. We do our best to try different types of treatment before recommending euthanasia. As the guardian to your furry friend, you may start to notice their quality of life decreasing. It may look like your pet sleeping more, being less affectionate, or not enjoying activities they once loved. When your pet’s quality of life decreases they become withdrawn from life. At this point your cherished pet is no longer their happy self and so euthanasia is recommended to end their suffering. 

What happens during euthanasia?

Before the procedure you are given a moment to say goodbye to your pet. The option to be present during the procedure is also available to pet parents. The medication to end their life is usually given in the form of an injection. It takes effect almost immediately and causes them to fall into a peaceful sleep. Once your pet is unconscious, the medication stops all heart and brain activity.