Routine bloodwork should be performed at least once annually for every pet. Blood tests are used to assess your pet’s general health which means we can treat or monitor any issues before they cause long-term damage. Bloodwork is not only necessary for sick pets, it is also recommended for healthy pets. To schedule bloodwork for your pet, reach out to us at 519-763-1082.

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My pet is healthy, why would they need a blood test?

Even if your pet looks healthy a blood test can still be beneficial to them. Some medical conditions are untraceable with only physical examinations. A blood test can detect underlying problems in the early stages before they begin to take a toll on your pet’s health. Furthermore, healthy pets need diagnostics so their development can be properly monitored. Here are some other reasons why a healthy pet may need bloodwork done:

  1. Surgery. If they’re having an operation that uses anesthesia then we perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork. A blood test can reveal how much anesthesia is safe to use during the procedure.
  2. Routine blood tests can show your pet’s baseline health. This is important for comparison during their regular checkups.
  3. Your pet is a senior. Their age makes them more likely to develop certain illnesses so blood tests allow us to monitor their health.

What can blood tests detect?

Blood tests can reveal abnormalities within your pet such as: blood clots, inflammation issues, parasites, diseases and allergies. A blood test can also diagnose pregnancies and determine the condition of certain organs.

How do I prepare my pet for a blood test?

To get the best blood samples we recommend all pets fast 6 hours before their appointment. To make the process go seamlessly it helps if you keep your furry friend calm and prevent them from moving around too much. 

How are blood tests performed?

The procedure will be over within just a few seconds. Your pet’s safety and comfort will be our top priority so we work gently to minimize any discomfort while drawing blood. Our hospital offers a full array of diagnostic testing on-site including urine and fecal analysis. For tissue samples and specialized bloodwork, the samples are sent to a central lab for more advanced diagnostics.

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