Behavioural Counselling

When you take your furry friend home you imagine that you’ll both live a peaceful and happy life. Sometimes this is not the case as some pet parents experience difficulty in managing their pets. This is why our hospital offers behavioural consultations to teach you techniques on how to discipline and help your pet adjust to their environment.

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Which pets need behavioural counselling?

Behavioural counselling is suitable for pets who are having difficulty adjusting to their lifestyle and surroundings. Because they aren’t able to speak about what’s bothering them, they may act out in different ways. Some pets may bark excessively, get violent towards other pets or humans, destroy furniture, urinate in the home or scratch their own skin. When you see these traits we recommend bringing your pet in for a counselling session especially if:

  1. Their actions are a danger to themselves and others. 
  2. Their behaviour disrupts your routine or lifestyle. 

If your pet needs behavioural counselling, please call us at 519-763-1082.

What happens during a behavioural counselling session?

The first counselling session is when our team tries to understand your pet’s behaviours, history and lifestyle. The veterinarian will ask many questions in order to determine the source of their reactions and what changes can be made. We work with pet parents to create changes in their environment and implement new techniques to prevent or reduce naughty behaviours. Sometimes their behaviour stems from a medical issue and in those cases we perform the necessary checks to diagnose them and provide treatment.

What may be causing my pet to behave poorly?

After examining your pet we will be able to determine the cause of their quirky behaviours. Some pets act out due to:

  • Mental issues such as separation anxiety or trauma from previous owners
  • Changes in their environment like moving their litter box 
  • They are bothered by other animals or humans in their space

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